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Air Suspension Tank suppliers
Seamless alu tanks are top-quality high pressure and reservoir tanks for automotive, medical, agricultural, electrical, and other commercial industries.
It is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum tube.
Our modern and reliable forming process on tank ports reforms the base metal inward giving a superior surface area for threading.
The standard mounting hardware gives the customer a limitless range of mounting positions and angles to accommodate most mounting situations.
Our seamless alu tanks are categorized by surface process: 1. anodized, 2. coated black, 3. polished.
This is coated black one.
Max. working pressure200 psi
Air Tank Specifications:
NameLength mmDiameter mmHeight mmPort 1/4NPTPort 3/8NPTPort 1/2NPTNW/GW kgPacking cm
1Ga 5 Ports30016819032 1.9/2.431x19x19
1.5Ga 5Ports36016819032 2.2/2.737x19x19
3Ga 5 Ports60516819032 3.5/4.061x17.5x20
5Ga 5Ports85016819032 4.9/5.586x17.5x20
a. Tank is rated for 200 PSI maximum working pressure. Do not overfill. Overfilling may result in death or serious injury.
b. Tank is not to be used as a breathing device.
c. Always wear ANSI approved safety glasses when operating air tank.
d. Bleed pressure from tank after each use, and before servicing or adding attachments.
e. Use only attachments or tools rated for 200 PSI working pressure or less.
Caution! Do not pressurize your tank until you have intalled all necessary port fittings and accessories.
a. Apply sealant to threads of fittings prior to assembly and tighten each part with a wrench.
b. Do not over tighten if your port fittings are made from brass, since brass threads can be stripped. The fittings need to be only air tight.
c. Always release air from tank before servicing or repairs.Air Suspension Tank suppliers


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