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U Profile Sheet Piling
Product Introduction.
Sheet piling retains soil, using steel sheets with interlocking edges. With both vibratory and vibration-free installation rigs, Hayward Baker has the equipment to construct the right solution for your project.
Main material steel Grades: ASTM A572 Gr. 50 and 60, A588 and A690
Cold rolled sheet pile or cold formed sheet pile are produced in this way: Steel plates go through various roller to form shapes, in most sheet piling factory, the interlocks should be formed at first, then other profiles. The whole rolling process is done at normal temperatures, could water will be poured at the sheet piling machines to cool down. The cold rolling process increases the yield strength and hardness of steel. Previously sheet piles were only light gauge profiles, but gradually as technology develops, now the tickest cold rolled sheet piling is 16 mm. Width can be over 1500 mm. Cold rolled sheet piles are lighter and easier to transport and delivery.
U type sheet piles have been driven and installed throughout the world for many years. Our U profile have not only narrow sections for hard ground conditions, also have very wide sheet pile sections when the grounds are easy to drive. Sheet pile can be supplied in single pile, double piles or even triple piles. Steel sheet pile contractors choose U profiles mainly because the interlocks are located on the neutral axis, In theory, our sheet pile factory can produce any size, like PAL sheet pile, PAU sheet pile, OT sheet pile, Omega sheet pile, sheet pile arcelor, sheet piling arcelor, skyline sheet pile, oriental sheet piling, For different groud conditions, we can adjust the dimensions to suit exactly the projects requirements.STEEL SHEET PILE Made in China


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