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CNC Machined Incoloy Components suppliers
Yuyao Seehao Vacuum Technolgoy Co.,Ltd was originally started as a small machining workshop in 2004 in Yuyao city, Zhejinag province, China. From the very beginning, we aimed to focus in CNC fine-machining with rare alloy for vacuum field. After 10-year fast growing in domestic market, we formally re-established our own company again in March of 2015 and started our own exporting office (fine-boon) in Shanghai, then focused on independent exporting business by ourselves. Recent years our exporting for machined components to USA and Europe market is becoming our main business gradually.
All our machined components are tailor-made precision products for vacuum equipments, they are widely used for assemblies such as various feedthrough, sensors, thermocouples in OEM manufacturers for electronics, automotive, scientific instruments, aerospace fields. The end users for our machined parts includes: ULVAC, Kurt J Lesker and oerlicon etc.
Our company is a professional machining company with various special alloys, including ESR304SS and ESR316SS, Kovar, Invar, Alumel & Chromel, Beryllium coppers and other nickel alloys etc. Also the sub-contracted nickel and gold plating for our components is available for your further processing use. All our metal materials are environmental-friendly, complying with ROHS and REACH regulations and restrictions. We also work closely with ceramic partner here and clearly understanding our customers request for tight hermetic sealing for their brazed assemblies.
We have 38 skilled employees with about 60 sets of advanced CNC machines and inspection equipments totally. All of our engineers and technicians are mechanical engineering background, they all have extensive know-how in CNC machining fields for many years.
Our strengths are consistent quality control and accurate lead time control. All our parts are 100% inspected in production and before delivery, so you will no longer experience headaches sourcing your products from China. We provide you with one-stop service for your demands of various CNC machined components. We are proud of our professional machining service, trustworthy quality, quick turnaround and competitive prices. Please just contact us for any of your questions!
Our Vision
To be the strategic partner of our OEM customers and provide complete manufacturing solutions in vacuum field.
Our Mission
To be a professional manufacturer for tailor-made machined components and provide premier products and service to our customers.CNC Machined Incoloy Components suppliers


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