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High Power Rectifier for sales

The High Current Rectifiers KHS-18000A/550V SCR Thyristor Controled is customized, just for your reference. If you have any specific demands,please tell us the parameters in details. We’ll be more than happy to work with you to meet your exact requirements.
The main parameters of our Thyristor / Diode High Current Rectifiers for Industrial Applications:
A)Voltage Specification:  5V - 3000V
B)  Current Specification:  300A - 240000A
C)  Output Current Adjusting Range: 0 - 1000A
It applies to large-current DC power supply in the electrolytics industry and metal industry and can be used as power supply for aluminum, magnesium, zinc, manganese and lead electrolysis, DC electric arc furnace melting, salt electrolysis, water electrolysis, graphitization furnace and silicon carbide and the power supply of similar load nature.
Electrical conditions for normal use:
2.1 The electrical conditions for normal use shall meet the provisions in 5.2 of GB/T3859.1, and the voltage waveform, fluctuation range, frequency change and symmetry degree of the AC network shall meet the requirements in 5.2.2 of GB/T3859.1 Adaption of the rectifier to the electrical conditions shall meet the requirements for immunity level B in 5.2 of GB/T3859.1.
2.2 The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
2.3 During equipment operation, the limiting temperature range of the surrounding environment and cooling water shall meet the following provisions and the non-condensation running conditions shall be considered according to GB/T3859.2-1993.
Limiting temperature of environment and cooling water: indoor environment temperature -5℃~+40℃ at the inlet, with the change no more than 30℃ within 24h. Cooling water temperature 5℃~30℃.
Input VoltageAC35KVRated VoltageDC550V
Input CurrentAC197ARated CurrentDC18000A
Range of Regulation
On-load Voltage Regulation+ Thyristor Phase Controlled Voltage Regulation: 0%-100% Udn
Notes forOrder
Input VoltageAC380V-330KVOptional
Current Regalation
Voltage Regulation
Rated Current
Rated Voltage
Cooling MothedWater,Air,natural or Forced
Draft CoolingOptional
Digest of High Current Rectifier(HCR)technical documents.
Part seven of User Manual
VII. Normal Maintenance of Rectifier
1. Maintenance
1.1 Measure related temperature rise.
1.2 Main and auxiliary cooling water inlet and outlet temperature, pressure and flow
1.3 Measure the sharing current every 6 months.
1.4 Measure the insulation resistance in overhaul period each year.
1.5 Comply with relevant standards for others.
2. Transportation and storage
2.1 The wooden package is provided with moisture-proof cushion cover inside.
2.2 Do not turn over or incline during handling and avoid violent vibration during transportation.
2.3 Do not store outdoors.
3. Accompanying documents
3.1 Spare parts and accessories (quantity and specification according to contract and agreement).
3.2 Product certificate, element card, installation and operation instructions and test certificate, one copy each
VIII. Ordering Instructions
Ordering instructions: product specification, quantity, load type, complete range and technical agreement
High Current Rectifier(HRC)KHS-18000A/550V SCR Thyristor Controled Structure Feature & Advantages
▲ Adopted cophase counter parallel connection Rectification,wihich can increase the power factor and reduce power loss
▲ Three-phase bridge rectification,which has the characteristics of reliability,stability,and low losses
▲ Adopted aluminum frame and glass antimagnetic cabinet, which suit for monitor and maintenance
▲ Power is scalable
▲ Can be maintained with electricity.
▲ With Low noise
▲ Easy to operate
▲ Superiority of Ture Rdundancy technique
▲Over / low Voltage protection    
▲Over / low current protection   
▲Over / lack water protection        
▲Over temperature protection
▲Fast fuse protection      
▲Phase protection  
The expert teams with 20 years experience can supply equipment design,manufacture, upgrading and after sales service. It’s quality management system meets the requirement of the ISO9001:2008 standard. The Technical level of main equpment is ten years ahead in China,and the control system is twenty years ahead at home and abroad.
We service with pride and care and give you a best solution.

Packing Details:In iron sheet case with waterproof and anti collision treatment
Delivery Details: 1-3 months, depending on your technical parameters

Please give us the follows technical information before order:
• A.C: rated voltage
• Phases
• Frequency
• Rated D.C. voltage
• Rated D.C. current
• D.C. voltage fine control range (thyristors)
• D.C: current control range
• Accuracy of current fine control
• Pulse number
• Ripple

1. Within the first year, if you need any spare parts for replacement, we can provide to you without
paid. And we will offer lifelong technical support and service.

2. Within the first year, if you need any spare parts for replacement, we can provide to you without
paid. And we will offer lifelong technical support and service.

1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a factory.

2. Q: Where is your factory? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in Xi’an, middle part of China, about an hour bus ride from Xi’an Xianyang Airport, which in the starting point of Ancient Silk Road.Welcome to visit us.

3. Q:When can I get the price?
A:Usually we quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.High Power Rectifier for sales


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